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Trusted Brake Repair & Service in Nashville, TN

You rely on your vehicle’s brakes to help you slow or stop when needed, which is why they are so important to the overall safety of your car. Driving with bad brakes is definitely something all drivers want to avoid, as it puts you at risk for accidents and scary situations on the road. Here at Import Specialty Service, we are the here to help when you need a brake repair or service in Nashville, TN. From brake inspections to new brake pad installation, the ASE certified technicians here at our shop have got you covered. 

At our family owned and operated repair shop, we have remained the trusted choice for quality import brake repair in Nashville, TN since 1994 and counting. At our shop, we offer outstanding quality repairs performed by highly trained technicians who specialize in vehicle makes such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Lexus, BMW. Land Rover, and more. When you choose Import Specialty Service to handle your brake repair, you’ll have peace of mind knowing our repairs are performed using only the latest in equipment and OEM or better parts. 

Our brake repairs and services include: 

  •      Anti-lock brake service and diagnostics
  •      Brake pad replacement
  •      Brake fluid services
  •      Brake line and hose repair
  •      Brake shoe repair
  •      Caliper repair
  •      Disc/drum brakes
  •      Hydraulic system diagnosis and repair
  •      Master cylinder repair
  •      Rotor repair/resurfacing

We understand that experiencing brake problems can be scary, which is why we invite you into our Nashville brake repair shop at the first sign of trouble. Any of the following symptoms can indicate an issue with your brakes: 

  •      Loss in brake performance, i.e. it takes longer to slow down or stop
  •      Brake pedal feels spongy or goes to the floor
  •      Brake pedal needs to be pumped in order to brake
  •      Squealing or grinding noise while braking
  •      Brake fade or temporary loss in brake power
  •      Vehicle nose dives or pulls to one side while braking

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, bring your car into our shop for a brake inspection. We will work quickly to determine what repairs are needed to get you back on the road with a safe vehicle again. While you wait, we offer a clean waiting area with free Wifi, coffee, and snacks for you to enjoy. 

When you need brake service in Nashville, TN, give us a call here at Import Specialty Service or use our online appointment form to schedule your visit today!