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BMW Repair in Vanderbilt, TN

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Vanderbilt TN

Vanderbilt is a community in southwestern Nashville, nestled between Midtown and Music Row. Vanderbilt is a university community founded on the school of the same name, Vanderbilt University. As you'd expect, the population is largely students who live on campus.

Vanderbilt embodies the Nashville culture. While there are parks and green spaces where students can relax to study or enjoy the sunshine and warmth, you'll often find them migrating towards hotspots like Park25 Bistro and the San Antonio Taco Company. You might check out a songwriter's circle. Commodore Grill in Vanderbilt is one of the most popular destinations for songwriters looking to test their recent tunes.

More significantly, Vanderbilt is home to a massive research hospital, treating patients from all over the country. Most hospitals in Tennessee send patients with severe trauma, conditions and/or surgical needs to Vanderbilt. Just the hospital itself employs nearly 20 thousand people, many of whom are customers of Import Specialty Service.

Altogether, Import Specialty Service is happy to serve the needs of Vanderbilt. Our staff members are friendly and trustworthy, performing reliable import auto repairs while setting the bar high for customer service. We get involved in community events and take pride in serving Nashville.