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BMW Repair in Bellevue, TN

Bellevue, TN

Bellevue is a community located 13 miles southwest of Nashville. Roughly 80,000 residents call Bellevue home, a population which has grown significantly since the year 2000. Bellevue suffered massive damage in 2010 from widespread flooding, but has since recovered and flourished.

Bellevue, TN is a popular destination for nature lovers, with miles of trails for hiking and cycling in parks like Warner Park. Bellevue is also the gateway to Natchez Trace Parkway, a two-lane highway that traverses several states.

While in Bellevue, you're sure to find some excellent shopping, including a variety of vintage items, among all else. Restaurants and delis are plentiful, with choices like Loveless Cafe and Music City Roots filling bellies with world-famous fare.

Import Specialty Service is proud to serve Bellevue with honest, ethical import auto repairs. Our staff are helpful and friendly, always providing the best customer service possible while ensuring your vehicle is repaired right. We are conveniently located just 17 miles east of Bellevue in South Nashville.