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Nashville TN

The city of Nashville is the capital city of Tennessee. It's made of many smaller communities including East Nashville, Midtown, South Nashville, and many others. The city itself is roughly 660,000 people. The greater Nashville metropolitan area, including Davidson, Murfreesboro, and Columbia, brings the city's total population to roughly 1,760,000.

Nashville is a cultural hub in the southwestern United States, most widely known for its role in the country music industry. Still, there's much more to Nashville. There are eclectic restaurants and shops at every turn, and Nashville is the birthplace of ‘meat and three'. Whether you stop at Holland House Bar and Refuge in East Nashville, or South Street Original Crab Shack & Authentic Dive Bar in Midtown, there's never a shortage of places to grab a bite and a brew.

Import Specialty Service is proud to serve the auto repair needs of Nashville, TN. We are honest and ethical and love to get involved in the community whenever we can. We perform accurate repairs on all European and Asian import makes, and we take pride in the high level of customer service we provide.