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BMW Repair in 12South, Nashville, TN

12South, Nashville TN

One of the hottest neighborhoods in Nashville is 12South. This is a destination as much as it is a place to live and work, with eclectic shops and restaurants lining the streets. 12South is located on the south side of Nashville near Belmont University, nestled between Hillsboro and Melrose.

If you're in 12South, there's a good chance you'll run into someone you recognize. Stars like Gwyneth Paltrow frequent local hangouts like Imogene and Willie, while countless musicians and singer/songwriters visit the Corner Music Store or shop for unique clothing at vintage and cutting-edge shops like Savant Vintage Couture.

12South is a hotbed for nightlife, with restaurants and clubs everywhere you go. Have a bite to eat at Burger Up or Las Paletas before sitting down for a beverage at 12South Taproom.

Import Specialty Service is happy to provide auto repairs and service to the community of 12South. Our staff members are trustworthy and ethical, providing courteous service while ensuring your vehicle is fixed properly every visit. Give our team an opportunity to earn your trust.