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BMW Repair in Belle Meade, TN

Belle Meade, TN

Belle Meade is a small city in Tennessee's Davidson County, just a few miles southwest of Nashville. It's located on 3.1 square miles of land from the former Belle Meade Plantation, after the plantation closed and was sold off more than 100 years ago.

Belle Meade is by far the most wealthy city in Tennessee, with a per capita income of nearly $105,000. Not only is that the highest in the state, but also the nation. Many residents of Belle Meade are high profile, including award-winning singers Vince Gill and Amy Grant, and former Vice President Al Gore.

While you're in Belle Meade, or adjacent West Meade, no doubt you'll happen upon a variety of enjoyable destinations. Among these, of course, come several great places for a drink and bite to eat.

Import Specialty Service is the best place for Belle Meade residents to care for their import vehicles. Our staff members are dedicated and honest, performing reliable import auto repairs while demonstrating the best in customer service. We are conveniently located just nine miles east of Belle Meade in South Nashville.