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BMW Repair in Berry Hill, TN

Berry Hill, TN

Berry Hill is a city in Davidson County in the state of Tennessee. Roughly 550 people inhabit Berry Hill, which is near 100 Oaks Mall and the Tennessee National Guard Armory. While Berry Hill maintains its status as a city, it became part of Metropolitan Nashville in 1963.

Berry Hill is less than a square mile in total area, making it small in population and size. Still, there are more than 400 businesses in its boundaries, including more than 40 recording studios, an industry that Nashville is best known for. During the daytime hours, Berry Hill's population swells to around 6,500 people.

Berry Hill has all the attraction of a small-town community with the conveniences of a big city just minutes away. You can experience a wide array of culture at one of the many diverse shops, restaurants and services in Berry Hill.

Import Specialty Service is proud to serve the community of Berry Hill. We relate well to the small-town vibe as we treat our customers like family and friends. We love to be involved in our community and always provide honest, ethical repairs to our customers.