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Nashville's Go-to Experts for Auto Wheel Alignment Service

Is it time for a wheel alignment? If so, look no further than the trusted professionals here at Import Speciality Service! At our local Nashville auto repair shop, our ASE certified technicians are here to assist whether you notice that your vehicle starts pulling to one side while on the road or you’re due for a car alignment based on manufacturer recommendations. Driving with a bad wheel alignment can do more damage than you think, so getting this taken care of at your earliest convenience will save you time and money. 

A wheel alignment will adjust the angles of your vehicle’s wheels to ensure that they are aligned properly with each other. This service makes sure that the tires travel straight and are in line with your steering wheel as well. When your vehicle’s wheels are out of alignment and you continue to drive, you may find that it is harder to steer your vehicle and your car pulls to one side when your steering wheel is straight. Plus, while driving with bad alignment you are causing your tires to wear down excessively. This is why we always recommend taking care of your wheel alignment as soon as you need it. 

Signs that can indicate you are due for a wheel alignment include the following:

  •      Squealing tires
  •      Steering wheel appears crooked
  •      Trouble steering
  •      Uneven or rapid tire wear
  •      Vehicle pulls to one side

As soon as you notice any of the symptoms listed above, we invite you into our Nashville auto repair shop at your earliest convenience. While the majority of these symptoms do indicate bad wheel alignment, the issue could also stem from the suspension system. Our professionals will determine the correct cause of your issues and ensure that the proper repairs are performed to get you back on the road with an efficient vehicle again. 

If you need a wheel alignment in Nashville, TN, stop by the trusted choice in the area since 1994 here at Import Speciality Service or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today.