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When it comes to your vehicle’s tires, ensuring that they are always in good condition and are properly maintained is important for safety and drivability. Driving with worn down tires can make it difficult to control your vehicle and can put you at risk for accidents on the road. Here at Import Specialty Service in Nashville, TN, we are here to assist with all of your vehicle’s tire needs whether you need a new set or maintenance performed. 

At our family owned and operated repair shop, we offer a variety of tire services including tire rotation, balancing, pressure, TPMS repairs, and more. We also handle new tire sales and can assist you with choosing a new set of tires that is right for your vehicle. We work with you and your budget and can do installation right here at our shop, making your tire purchase convenient and stress free. 

Our tire repairs and services include: 

  •      Alignment
  •      Computerized wheel and frame adjustments
  •      Tire pressure
  •      Tire pressure monitoring systems diagnosis and repair
  •      Tire repairs
  •      Tire replacement
  •      Tire rotation
  •      Tire sales
  •      Wheel alignment
  •      Wheel balancing
  •      Wheel mounting

Tire rotations and balancing are important tire maintenance items because they help ensure that your tires wear down evenly over time. This is because different tire positions will withstand different amounts of pressure, which can cause those tires to wear down faster than the others. It’s also important to make sure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned and that your tires are always inflated properly for the best overall fuel efficiency and performance. 

If you suspect you need tire repair, we invite you into our professionals here at Import Specialty Service. You can trust that our ASE certified technicians will get to the bottom of your tire issue quickly and provide you with quality repairs so you can get back on the road in a timely manner. While you wait for your vehicle, we offer a clean lobby area with free wifi, coffee, and snacks for you to enjoy. Plus, we also offer Uber transportation if you need a ride to or from our shop while we repair your vehicle. 

When you need tire service in Nashville, TN, give us a call here at Import Speciality Service or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today!