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Expert A/C Diagnostic in Nashville, TN

Getting stuck in the heat here in Nashville, TN without a working car air conditioner can leave you dealing with a very uncomfortable ride. The inside of a car can get extremely hot very quickly under the sun, which is why if you’re dealing with no car ac you’re probably looking to get it fixed as soon as possible. Here at Import Specialty Service, we are your go-to shop when you find yourself needing car ac diagnostics. You can trust that our ASE certified technicians will get to the bottom of the issue in a timely manner and get you back on the road feeling the breeze again.

There are many different working parts within your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and identifying the problem requires certain testing and inspection. At our shop, our experts use state-of-the-art ac diagnostic and charging equipment to properly service the air conditioning system on your import vehicle. We are ac certified and can guarantee that we will properly service your vehicle’s air conditioning to get it working at its absolute best again. 

Symptoms that can indicate you need an air conditioning repair include: 

  •      A/C doesn’t get cold
  •      Max A/C isn’t as cold as it used to be
  •      No air blows out of vents
  •      Mold or mildew smell when A/C is turned on
  •      Strange noises when A/C is turned on coming from inside vents

As soon as you notice an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning, we recommend bringing your vehicle into our shop for an inspection and service. Depending on the problem, ignoring it can cause it to get worse and can even start affecting surrounding systems if the issue is caused by a leak. Plus, we don’t want you to get stuck without a working ac system in the dead heat of summer. While we get your car ac fixed, feel free to relax in our comfortable lobby area and take advantage of our complimentary wifi, snacks, and coffee. 

If you need auto ac diagnostics in Nashville, TN, bring your vehicle into the professional choice in the area here at Import Specialty Service today. Call us or schedule an appointment online now!