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Land Rover Parking Brake

Ever wondered what could go wrong with your Land Rover's parking brake and how it can affect your driving experience? A parking brake is one of the safety features in your Land Rover. It is a secondary braking system that keeps the vehicle stationary when parked. This system operates independently of the main hydraulic braking system and is primarily mechanical. If it malfunctions or fails, it can result in dangerous situations and potential accidents. Therefore, it's vital to be proactive in addressing parking brake issues to ensure your safety and the safety of others on the road.

How Does The Parking Brake Work?

The parking brake is typically controlled by a lever or a handbrake lever in most vehicles, while some modern cars have an electronic parking brake. When you pull the parking brake lever or activate the electronic parking brake, it exerts tension on a cable or linkage system. This cable is connected to the rear wheels.

In the rear wheels, there are brake shoes or pads specifically designed for the parking brake system. When the parking brake is engaged, these shoes or pads are pressed against the inside surface of the brake drum (in drum brake systems) or against the rotor (in disc brake systems). This creates friction, which holds the wheels in place, preventing the vehicle from moving. When you disengage the parking brake, either by releasing the lever or deactivating the electronic parking brake, the tension on the cable is released. This action retracts the brake shoes or pads from the drum or rotor, allowing the wheels to turn freely again.

Can It Be Used For Regular Braking?

The parking brake system is a backup, and it should not be used for stopping your Land Rover during normal driving. However, it can be used in emergency situations if the main braking system fails. Proper use of the parking brake is important to avoid excessive wear on the main brake components and to ensure that your SUV remains secure when parked on an incline.

Reasons For Malfunction In Parking Brake Of Your Land Rover

Corrosion of the Cables

Corrosion primarily affects the parking brake cables. This corrosion can lead to a gradual loss of structural integrity and strength of the cables. As a result, they may not be able to exert the necessary force to effectively engage or disengage the parking brake.

Faulty Parking Brake Lever

The parking brake is operated by a mechanical lever and this lever can be subject to wear and tear due to regular use. The lever's components, such as the handle or the mechanism inside, may wear out after some time. If the lever weakens significantly, it can eventually break. A broken parking brake lever can lead to an inability to engage or disengage the parking brake correctly.

Worn Brake Pads

The hand brake system has its own set of brake pads. These brake pads wear down over time, similar to the main brake pads. As the brake pads wear, their ability to generate the required friction diminishes. This reduction in friction can lead to a weakened parking brake that struggles to hold your Land Rover in place effectively.

If you encounter parking brake malfunctions or suspect any issues, it's advisable to have your Land Rover inspected and serviced by a qualified mechanic. Professional assistance can help identify and rectify problems efficiently.

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