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Best Garage In Nashville To Fix Your Volkswagen's Ignition Coil Failure

Volkswagen Ignition Coil

Do you have issues with starting your Volkswagen or have you recently sensed that your engine is running rough? You may be having problems with your ignition coils. Consider an ignition coil as a small but vital part of your car's engine system. Its function is to take the low voltage from your car's battery and increase it into a high voltage, which is then sent to the spark plugs. This high voltage spark is the one that starts the air-fuel mixture in your engine so your engine runs smoothly. Let's examine the steps to diagnose and fix ignition coil problems in your Volkswagen.

Diagnosing Ignition Coil Issues

  • Check the Check Engine Light: If the check engine light of your Volkswagen is on then there is a problem in the ignition coil. With the help of an OBD-II scanner, you can get the diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) that are kept on the car's computer. These codes can guide you to the issues that are related to the ignition system.
  • Perform a Visual Inspection: Another way you can diagnose your car to find out if your ignition coils are defective is to open the hood and look at the coils closely. Look at the coil if you notice obvious indications that it is broken. Indicators such as cracks, burn marks, or corrosion should tell you that the coil is about to fail. Aside from that, you should also look at the spark plug wires and connectors for any signs of fraying or wear. The visual cues can help you identify the parts that are causing the problems so that you can act on them and replace that particular component.
  • Swap Coils: If you think a certain ignition coil is defective, you can carry out a simple test by exchanging it with another coil. Take out the suspected faulty coil and put a good one from another cylinder in its place. If the problem moves along with the coil, then you have found the defective part. This approach is used to locate the exact ignition coil that has to be replaced.

Addressing Ignition Coil Failure

  • Disconnect the Battery: Safety comes first! To avoid any electrical accidents, the first step is to disconnect the negative terminal of the car battery. This will make it easier for you to work on the ignition coils without being scared of electrical shock or short circuits.
  • Remove the Old Ignition Coil: The ignition coils of the Volkswagen may be placed in different spots depending on the model of your car, for example, they can be on the top of the engine or near the spark plugs. With your tools, precisely take off the old ignition coil and ensure you take note of its position and orientation. It is very important to pay attention to these details because you will need it to successfully install the new coil.
  • Install the New Ignition Coil: At this point, the installation of the new ignition coil is done. Attentively place the new coil in place of the old one, making sure that it is well-seated and properly connected to the spark plug wires. This stage is very important for reliable ignition and future problem prevention.
  • Reconnect the Battery: After you have correctly placed the new ignition coil, you have to start the reassembly process by reconnecting the negative terminal of the car battery. This will make the electrical system of the car work again, you will be able to test the engine and check if the ignition coil replacement was done successfully.
  • Test the Engine: Start your Volkswagen and pay attention if you hear any strange noises or vibrations from the engine. If the sound from the engine is smooth and steady, it means that the ignition coil replacement was a success. Get your car for a test drive to make sure that the problem is gone and that your Volkswagen is running just fine.

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